NEW! Courses & Microcredentials

EMERGENCE - Empower your Learning Narrative!

We are proud to launch the new Emergence Program and Microcredentials Platform for Genazzano Students.  The program offers a broad range of learning opportunities to develop skills and capabilities including: Leadership; Metacognition; Careers Skills; Innovation; Design; Digital Technologies...  and more!  Students will be awarded digital badges to recognise their learning.


Genazzano's Professional Practice digital badges are available for Professional Learning programs and courses run through the Institute. Programs are designed and delivered in collaboration with experts and employ the latest research and best practice in evidence based learning.


You've worked hard! Now get the recognition you deserve.

Genazzano Institute is excited to announce partnerships with digital badging providers, Credly Acclaim and Everitas, to provide course participants with Genazzano Institute Microcredentials.  A verified digital badge containing metadata showcases your learning, skills, experiences and capabilities.

Who is eligible for micro credential badges?

Educators, professionals and students participating in programs aligned with the Genazzano Institute Microcredential platform.

Showcase your accomplishments!

  • Build a personal portfolio
  • Create an amazing CV
  • Be recognised for your expertise
  • Share your badges on social media - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

How does it work?