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Brain Awareness Week 2020

Brain Awareness Week 2020 - Neruodiversity!

Explain the Brain 2020: Neurodiversity!

in May and June 2020 we are again excited to partner with Education Perfect and new sponsor, Untapped Group, to offer this free event for students to learn more about the Brain! This year's theme is 'Neruodiversity.'  Thanks to the Dana Foundation for promoting this event as part of the Brain Awareness campaign!


Genazzano Institute & Neurodiversity Hub were delighted to participate in the Dana Foundation's Brain Awareness Week with our event, 'Celebrating Neurodiversity.'  With the event scheduled for Mar 19, social distancing due to COVID-19 meant that we changed over to an online event!  

La Trobe University PhD Candidate and Neurodiversity Officer, Beth Radulski, recorded 2 videos on:

1) Neurodiversity, a social science perspective

2) Neurodiversity and Education

Thanks to our sponsor Untapped Group for supporting the event.

We look forward to hosting another Brain Awareness event in May: